Real Promotions join CaseBlocks

We’re thrilled to welcome Real Promotions onto the CaseBlocks platform to help manage their direct sales processes.

EmergeAdapt are thrilled to welcome our newest client, Real Promotions, onto the CaseBlocks platform as we take our first steps into the growing South African market.

Real Promotions is a creative organisation specialising in Sales, Marketing and Brand Activation. They currently provide their clients with a variety of services such as sales training, brand activations in stores and malls, inbound and outbound call centres, field sales and more whilst exploring new markets and developing innovative ways to reach consumers. Their mission is to bridge the gap between sales and people whilst helping organisations lower their customer acquisition costs and CaseBlocks will help them achieve this goal.

Moving forward from tracking applications in Excel, CaseBlocks now enables Real Promotions to automate the submission of electronic applications to their clients which were collected by their direct sales agents in the field or made within the system by contact centre workers. This allows the Real Promotions team to increase the accuracy and volume of applications processed and helps to reduce costs for themselves and their clients.

At Real Promotions, they pride themselves on their employees and the vibrant working environment they provide. This results in dedicated employees who have fun at work whilst building careers for themselves as future leaders. CaseBlocks has received glowing reviews from the Real Promotions team claiming the platform, particularly the data validation, has simplified and improved the efficiency and quality of the application submission process. We’ve even helped create some friendly competition amongst the team to see who can get through the most applications!

Finally, the CaseBlocks platform provides further benefits to Real Promotions’ clients as the platform sends out automated text messages and emails to applicants to notify them of significant changes to their application’s status. This improves applicant’s satisfaction as they feel they are kept informed throughout the process and saves Real Promotions and their clients time as they do not have to respond to application queries about the status of their application.

We look forward to working with everyone at Real Promotions and helping them on their journey to exceed all of the clients’ expectations through their exciting new campaigns and diversification into other products and service in South Africa.