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The Challenge

Demand for personal claims of compensation or restitution are on the increase. Caseblocks can help you orchestrate and record the important process stages of proxy permission, claim launch and resolution.

Acting as the process voice of truth in an integrated environment with websites, mobile apps and other backend systems, Caseblocks will help optimise internal processes and ultimately your bottom line.

With an outsourcers hat on, Caseblocks can also be configured for custom claims automation in General and Life, supporting carrier and business policy holder requirements.

Targeting Benefits

In volume processing, Caseblocks solutions provide a balance of automated activity with human directed casework. Operational metrics like turnaround time, cost per claim and straight through processing rates are addressed in all Caseblocks solutions.

During transformation, business processes can go through change especially after initial launch and bedding in. Caseblocks ensures you’’ll be able to react to the change through configuration, and address future work and

Case Study:

Caseblocks configured solution to handle 1m PPI claims for a UK-based claims management company.

Claims Types

  • In-House
  • CMCs
  • Custom Claims
  • Accident Claims
  • Cancellation Claims
  • Personal Injury Claims

Key Features

  • Standard templates for common entities such claim, payment and customer
  • Pre-configured buckets for process workflow
  • Inbound and outbound email processing
  • Document generation using PDF generators
  • API for integration to websites and internal systems
  • Multi-tenanted environment for different claim books
  • Rich media handling for video, images, documents and audio
  • Cloud or on-premise

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