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Agile organisations need flexible technology designed to deliver benefit quickly, while supporting a long term operational strategy.

Caseblocks is a modern platform for the automation of operational business processes, where important processes can be configured and rolled out quickly.

Case Templates

Real world entities have their own lifecycle – Claims, Orders, Queries or Customers

Caseblocks solutions ship with templates for standard processes. These can easily be modified to suit your needs, integrated to your existing enterprise data.


Model important work queues using Buckets.

Buckets are queries on case templates. They are used to manage cases at different stages across their lifecycle, helping teams understand what work to tackle next. Fast changing cases such as claims or orders can move between buckets without human intervention, resulting in high levels of straight-through processing.

Service Levels

Improve your operational response when things don’t go to plan.

Caseblocks service levels help you react quickly when time-constrained parts of a business process begin to fail. React by creating internal or external, alerts or moving cases into exception states for urgent handling.


Organise your people into teams and create granular entitlement models.

End-users are added to one or more teams in Caseblocks. For each template, describe what that team is entitled to do across access to case features, data and tasks. On premise solutions can integrate to Active Directory for centralised control of user authentication.


Create a custom email experience for your customers.

Setup custom branded templates for transactional emails, along with a Gmail-style inbox for inbound. Use Caseblocks for email routing, quickly creating new casework and responding to customers.


JavaScript, Lifecycle Functions, Task Automation.

Scripted logic plays an important in fully automated solutions helping enshrine the detailed business logic and automation rules. Case tasks often contain scripted logic, initiated by the system or by end users. Case lifecycle events can be hooked up to chain logic together giving streamlined solutions. All of these are created without effecting the upgrade path of new Caseblocks versions.


Integrate using GraphQL, webhooks and web services.

Caseblocks is an open platform with a rich API for fast access to data across the case object model, ideal for websites and other pull scenarios. From inside tasks and lifecycle functions, interact with your web services and other libraries to improve efficiency and CX.


Extract or import your data at any time.

Caseblocks helps you import legacy claims, customers, orders and other key data from your existing systems to ensure business continuity. Case data in buckets can also be extracted to CSV files for detailed analysis, backup or any other purpose.

Rollout Models

Caseblocks Cloud, Private / Hybrid Cloud, or On-premise.

Caseblocks has been architected to suit any deployment scenario with associated commercial and support models. Take your pick!

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