Caseblocks Platform

With tasks, timelines, conversations and alerts, Caseblocks helps you take control of your business

Case Management Platform

Transform your organisation with process automation in the cloud

With Case Management at its core, Caseblocks will help you automate important business processes and streamline your operations to create a case management platform for digital transformation.

  • speed

    Rapidly implement solutions to automate business processes.

  • Multiple Processes

    Apply Caseblocks to an individual process or full scale digital transformation.

  • Hosting

    Hosting to suit you, whether it’s in the cloud or on premise.

The power of Case Management

Managing people, processes and information can be complex, that’s where Caseblocks comes in

By applying the principles of Adaptive Case Management, Caseblocks gives you flexibility to handle ad-hoc activities and centralised access to all your information through integration for more informed and agile decision making.

adaptive case management system

Business process automation, tailored to you

Customize a pre-built solution or create your own for a perfect fit.

Configuring a solution in Caseblocks is easy by defining your different processes, documents and emails in the template builder. These templates are then turned into a fully working business application inside Caseblocks.

Helping you take advantage of new opportunities and disrupt your industry while keeping development costs low.

Build a one team culture

Make the most of the knowledge and skills across your organisation by bringing together a multi-disciplinary team of operational and technology experts to tackle core business process automation challenges.

Business Configuration

Enable the people who know your processes best to configure solutions to fit their needs.

  • Create case templates to reflect your processes

  • Manage end-users and permission levels

  • Define custom workflows

  • Create tasks for users to action

  • Incorporate your own terminology and business rules

Technical Configuration

Allow technical users to focus on optimizing solutions and automating your processes.

  • Integrate your existing systems and APIs to Caseblocks

  • Implement complex logic in JavaScript lifecycle functions

  • Create HTML templates for emails and documents

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Increase the Speed of Change

Roll out updates in real time with Instant Deployment.

Designed to scale as your business grows, the Caseblocks Platform makes it quick and easy to make changes and share updates with your team. Allowing you to quickly adapt to new opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

About Caseblocks

Caseblocks Features

  • Buckets

    Create and assign work queues at key process stages

  • Permissions

    Escalate cases when things aren’t going according to plan

  • Service Levels

    Escalate cases when things aren’t going according to plan

  • Timeline

    Quickly gain context with a forensic audit trail inside each case

  • Document Library

    Store important files such as documents and photos

  • Comms Room

    Use a combination of automated tasks and checklist to get work done

  • Alerts

    Receive online and offline notifications at moments important to you


    Integrate Caseblocks to your existing systems, websites or apps

  • Import & Export

    Import historical casework for business continuity and export case data for offline analysis

  • Repository Manager

    Manage DevOps across dev, test and production environments

  • Email Templates

    Create branded HTML email templates to automatically send emails using case data

  • JavaScript

    Encode deep business logic and integrate to external APIs

  • Document Templates

    Build templates for important documents such as contracts and invoices

  • Scheduler

    Automate regular tasks such as data processing and reporting


Manage complex, business-critical projects using the CaseBlocks Repository Manager

For more complex projects, CaseBlocks fits seamlessly into automated build, test and deploy DevOps processes with tools to migrate configurations between version control repositories and your active CaseBlocks environments.

Repository Manager makes sure that any Caseblocks change can be managed in the cloud with the same governance processes demanded across all your software development projects.

More control than is possible with paper and spreadsheets

They’re great for a lot of things, just not managing processes.

The Caseblocks Platform makes it possible for your team to collaborate and keep track of work by replacing your complex web of files and spreadsheets with a single application for managing your processes.


Get in touch and we’d be happy to chat about creating a custom solution.