Become a Caseblocks Technology Partner

Release the value in your own intellectual property through Caseblocks by implementing and reselling process-based solutions. Whether you are an experienced systems integrator or have a great idea for your market, we can help you develop v1 quickly, supported by commercial and consulting support for sales and implementation.

Case study:

Coming soon, a new FNoL app and integrated Fleet Claims solution.

Become a Caseblocks Technology Partner

Become a Caseblocks Impementation Partner

Will your clients benefit from a platform approach for gnarly processes challenges such as complex claims and order processing? Caseblocks offers a strategic alternative to self-build or package rollouts, helping you solve your clients’ problems today, with a technology platform which supports ongoing change.

We’ll help you compare Caseblocks with your other options if you are responding to a tender. When you’re planning your first build, we’ll provide training and technical assistance through your first implementations. License resale agreement are also available.

Case Study:

IQ Business implements Caseblocks for healthcare claims automation.

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