At Caseblocks we love helping organisations transform business processes using software. Here are some areas where our expertise can help.

Transform your business processes

Unpredictable markets, competition and legislation drive a culture of continuous change in mature organisations. As it hits operations, transformation creates new business process at the heart of production, sales and service delivery. Fundamentally, transformation changes the way organisations process work.

Transformation needs agile technology which can support it through a background of changing requirements. That’s where Caseblocks can help. Speak to a process expert.

Case Study:

Multi-channel e-commerce automation for high street retailer, processing £40m of orders per annum.

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AI & Machine Learning

Software is great at making decisions which involve processing lots of information quickly. Working out process ‘next best actions’, or which product recommendations for existing customers are decisions which are improved by data, and lots of it.

Machine Learning analyses your historical data to produce propensity models which can be deployed into process automation software, directing processes toward different outcomes based upon intelligence.

Speak to a Machine learning expert to learn how Caseblocks can incorporate machine learning into smarter processes.

Case Study:

Deployed a Tensor Flow neural network to provide classification model which categories banking transactions into areas of consumer spend. Model accuracy of 93% achieved on completion.

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Blockchain provides an alternative to traditional database technology for storing and sharing data, In a Blockchain, there is no single’ master row’ of transactional data, with copies of data shared on servers across the chain.

Where multiple parties come together in a closed value chain, such as the supply chain used by an insurance company when handling property or health claims, blockchain can offer some advantages when it comes to sharing data across different organisations.

Talk to a blockchain expert now to find out how you can leverage the blockchain within Caseblocks business process automation.

Case study:

Launched an Ethereum crypto currency backed by a custom smart contract, with a Caseblocks solution to record coin transactions.

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