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Caseblocks Order Management

Transition from paper, spreadsheets and inflexible systems to an efficient order processing machine.

Retailers seeking repeat business and referrals need to provide customers with order transparency and rapid fulfilment. Service is a key method for retailers to differentiate themselves and ‘delight’ omnichannel shoppers.

Caseblocks Order Management is for organisations with unique order management challenges. Our agile technology provides the flexibility to create a differentiated, compelling retail experience for changing customer expectations.


Omnichannel shopping is widespread. Orders come from mobile, web, online stores, social websites, the high street, Alexa, messaging apps, affiliates and business partners. In addition, many organisations offer products & services under different brands and source stock from multiple partners.

It’s simple to connect orders from any of these sources using Caseblocks’ advanced API, that gets you to first base. You’re then in a position to modify pre-configured case templates to suit your fulfilment process. For example, you can design your own quotation and approval process before going into fulfilment. It’s also designed to handle multiple ERP systems, product catalogues and associated pricing.

Use Caseblocks to establish an efficient layer of process across all these systems, creating a streamlined environment for all your fulfilment activities.


For organisations with complex ordering and fulfillment requirements Caseblocks provides a number of benefits:

  • Single view of all omnichannel orders and customers
  • High levels of straight through processing
  • Early warning alerts on stock and problems orders
  • Reduced fraud through customised scoring
  • Easily adapt to new products, services and processes
  • Delight customers with automated email communications

Order Management Solutions

  • Retail
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Government
  • Public Sector
  • Wholesale

Key Features

  • Core case templates for customers, orders and stock, for direct order capture entry
  • GraphQL API & webhooks to help you integrate all your order sources with Caseblocks
  • Pre-configured work queues which guide orders through the different stages of your fulfilment process
  • Configuration tools for new processes such as refunds, returns and goodwill gestures
  • Scripting tools for detailed business logic, integration, scoring algorithms, stock replenishment and shipping partner integration
  • Custom emails templates

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