Our Vision, Strategy and Values

We create technology which builds trust between our clients and their customers.

At Caseblocks we...

  • must be accurate , accessible and dependable

  • continually improve the quality of our human capital and software, aiming to be a valued and trusted contributor in our chosen markets.

  • strive to adapt to changing global trends for the benefit of society and the environment.​

  • look after the best interests of organisations or people who rely on our technology.

  • strive to use the planet’s resources economically and sustainably, working with partners who share our values.

  • believe that corporate and personal responsibility means being accountable for the predictable consequences of our actions.

  • cultivate the ambition and duty of care in our staff which will help them contribute positively to the world.

  • value long term sustainability over short-term maximisation of profit.

Our Strategy

To grow Caseblocks cloud software and consulting skills in the following areas:

Claims Automation

Support for a broad range of claims scenarios in Life, Health, General and Commercial.

Order Management

Providing multichannel order management fulfilment solutions for organisations with complex fulfilment challenges.

Custom Solutions

For organisations with unique challenges who need a flexible platform to create solutions which can evolve under business change.

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