About Caseblocks

Caseblocks is an online platform for creating custom business process solutions in the cloud.


Story of Caseblocks

Caseblocks was launched in 2011 to help organisations of all shapes and sizes take control of their business processes.

Equipped with the latest tech and an awesome team, we created Caseblocks as an affordable alternative to traditional BPM software. Shortly after launching, we secured our first client in the UK and have continued to grow throughout Europe, the USA and South Africa.

Along the way, we found that every business does things differently. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to put customisation at the heart of Caseblocks, making it possible for anyone to create custom solutions, without breaking the bank.

Anyone can be a developer

Creating a world where anyone can build custom solutions

At Caseblocks, we help business users work alongside developers, forming high-performance teams capable of driving innovation and creating custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Packed full of handy tools and features, Caseblocks is easy to use and gives your team the power to make simple changes themselves. Leaving your IT team to focus on more complex activities.

Business user and developer working together

A brief history

  • C Navy Shadow


    We officially changed our name to Caseblocks

  • SA Circle C


    Caseblocks secures its first client in South Africa

  • Geometric C


    Caseblock UI gets a fresh, new look

  • US Circle C


    Caseblocks hits the States with its first US client

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    Caseblocks wins an award from the WfMC

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    First Caseblocks solution goes live

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    The first line of code for Caseblocks was written

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    Caseblocks is formed under the name EmergeAdapt


In it for the long haul

Working together to tame your processes

Your processes are crucial to your business, that’s why we spend as much time as we can with all our clients to understand how they operate. This helps us dig down to the root of their problem and create a solution that works for them.

At Caseblocks, we want you to see us as a part of your team. So, if you ever need a helping hand, whether it’s to improve your processes, adapt Caseblocks or even create a custom app or a new website, just give us a shout.

We’ve won a few awards along the way

  • Award Logo

    Excellence in Case Management in the Back-office, 2013 Workflow Management Coalition

  • E-commerce award

    E-commerce specialist supplier of the year, 2014 Scotland IS


Want to work for us?

Get in touch and we’d be happy to chat about creating a custom solution.