How To Launch A Custom Order Management System

How robust is your Order Management System (OMS)? With Black Friday on the horizon, your ordering systems will be under a lot of pressure over the next month and a half.

Don’t believe us? Just look at the Google Trends data below, showing online searches for “black friday” over the last fourteen years – the annual spike in demand is pretty daunting.

With a suitable order management system in place, your business has the freedom to thrive under the dramatic increase in demand. Conversely, a poor system will limit your ability to fulfill orders and satisfy your customers. Getting it right is vital.

There are numerous examples of high street retailers whose inability to adapt to the online marketplace have been major factors in failed battles to stay afloat, or resulted in them being forced to cancel orders after demand outstripped their supply at a pace they were unable to adapt to.

It’s not just global businesses fulfilling thousands of orders every day that need a robust order management system. If you are a small business on Amazon you could be processing dozens of orders a day in the lead up to Christmas. You need an order management system that will automate and help to eliminate errors in order processing, making a huge impact on your bottom line. Not to mention the ability to offer better post-sale customer support. Caseblocks Order Management can even help to prioritise orders based on your parameters such as order size, value and location which could be useful if you are shipping products overseas.

With just four weeks to go until Black Friday, you would be forgiven for thinking that it is far too late in the day to rip up your existing order software and start again. And in most cases you would be correct. But not with Caseblocks.

How long does it take to launch a new order management system?

Caseblocks Order Management can be customised to your operations and be taking live orders within one week. The system is designed to flex, so once you have a core system up and running, you can continue to evolve it as your business changes and grows. That means you still have plenty of time before the tidal wave of order requests hits you.

How is that possible? Caseblocks adapts to work with your processes and data. Order Templates are very fast to set up and fine tune to your business. Where another OMS might give you a rigid process to work around, Caseblocks Order Management recognises your unique way of working, and through automation, streamlines your fulfilment processes.

How does Caseblocks integrate with my existing channels?

You can continue to capture orders on your website, ebay store and other channels, and use Caseblocks for centralised order processing. We’ll give you the few lines of code to send orders to the Caseblocks API to make it happen. You’ll also be able to build out a wider customer proposition on customer account management, returns, goodwill gestures and upselling with an integrated system.

What happens after the Christmas?

What happens after the Christmas rush? You need a solution which reflects your order volumes – you shouldn’t have to pay the same during seasonal lulls. Caseblocks will offer you a payment model which reflects the volume demands of business. So you can cope with black Friday and other seasons spikes without killing your operating margin during quieter periods.

To learn more about Caseblocks Order Management System for complex processes click here.