Lumegent’s Print Order Management Makeover

USA-based print and marketing company, Lumegent, chooses CaseBlocks to transform its print order management processes.

With its upcoming launch fast approaching, Lumegent has taken its first steps towards disrupting the world of print and selected CaseBlocks to manage its print orders. By implementing CaseBlocks in the cloud to replace spreadsheets and paper-based processes, Lumegent will be able to control costs as the business scales to serve larger business customers and order volumes. “Lumegent understands the print business and needed a powerful platform which will help them scale to become a national print services provider.” Paul McGlynn CEO, EmergeAdapt creators of CaseBlocks

The first phase of the project, launching in Q4 2016, will integrate CaseBlocks with the Marcom print portal to automatically bring down new print orders into CaseBlocks work queues for processing. From there, Lumegent will then begin the print production process through to order shipping, all managed through CaseBlocks’ templates and integration services.

Lumegent’s team are able to use a variety of features within CaseBlocks to prioritize work, automatically generate invoices and update clients on the status of their orders.

CaseBlocks will also help Lumegent manage its supply chain by tracking inventory, alerting warehousing when stock levels fall below operating levels defined by Lumegent.

Future phases of the project will see the addition of new channels for print order capture and the configuration of value-add features aimed at driving process transparency, internal collaboration during print production, and the fulfilment of print orders within pre-defined service levels.

“Lumegent is ecstatic with CaseBlocks and our partnership with EmergeAdapt has been imperative in accelerating our projected growth prospectus. With this project in motion at the cusp of our launch, we have the cutting edge of systems in our industry and will be able to give our clients efficiency far beyond expectation.”

Billy Thompson CEO, Lumegent