Docker – Every clouds silver lining

As of this weekend CaseBlocks is available on every cloud architecture – public, private, hybrid… you name it.

We’ve spent the last couple of months bundling our software into little components called “containers” that true to their real-world counterparts can be shipped anywhere using a technology called Docker.

As a software company trying to provide the most appropriate way for you to use CaseBlocks, Docker gives us tremendous flexibility.

Our development team focuses on getting our new features and improvements to existing features bundled up into containers. These containers are then shipped to our public cloud or your private cloud.

Its a streamlined process that removes common pitfalls associated with private cloud deployments. Every CaseBlocks installation will run the same operating system and database system, version and patch level.

However, bundling CaseBlocks into containers wasn’t enough. We wanted to proof to ourselves that all of this actually worked in practice.

Last weekend came our first true test of Docker containers. We bundled up our software into containers in preparation for a move to our new shiny public cloud provided by our new partners, Dimension Data.

A normally complex task of moving cloud platforms was performed with relative ease, little fanfare or downtime.

Once the cloud platform had been provisioned we rolled in the containers of software – CaseBlocks as well as the SQL, NoSQL, and Search services it depends on. Then it was the data’s turn to be migrated and finally our DNS entries. CaseBlocks simply sprang into life.

The cloud computing landscape is evolving. Only a few years ago Amazon Web Services seemed to be the only credible option for cloud computing. Amazon provide an amazing platform, but its not the right platform for everyone. Cost, legislation, geography all have an impact on buying decisions.

New technologies like Docker, provide software companies like us an amazing opportunity to deliver great software to customers like you – but in a manner that you choose to consume it.