Caseblocks Release MicroServices For Agile Businesses

Caseblocks, the Glasgow-based software solutions company, has launched MicroServices to help businesses automate business processes more cost effectively.

Caseblocks now offers deep process automation in your language of choice. New features enable organisations to manage and automate diverse business processes without expensive technical resources.

Caseblocks, a leading global provider of cloud-based adaptive case management solutions, today announced the availability of Caseblocks MicroServices. Process engineers and developers will be able to rapidly develop automated business processes within a sophisticated service environment using their preferred development platform.

Caseblocks MicroServices is now available to a wider technical community of end users by opening up the decision about how you encode your deep process logic and integration. Developers can encode deep business logic in any programming language including; C#, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby.

Caseblocks platform, now enables developers to;

  • write in a programming language of their choice
  • adopt test driven development
  • develop in isolation or as part of a wider team
  • develop offline then share & publish when ready,
  • include third-party libraries from a rich open source ecosystem

Ijonas Kisselbach , Caseblocks Chief Technical Officer said

“It’s much easier for people to integrate with Caseblocks, we are language agnostic. Any one with development skills can now use Caseblocks to automate business processes in their organisation. The team are looking forward to the next release which will include new functionality to adapt to the Internet of Things (IoT), which enable the tracking of more diverse processes and assets.”