CaseBlocks joins G-Cloud 7

Press Release: CaseBlocks launches its first service as a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Supplier.

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has awarded EmergeAdapt a coveted place on its G-Cloud 7 framework for its award-winning Adaptive Case Management (ACM) platform, CaseBlocks. This is an extremely exciting time for EmergeAdapt as it will aid the company in achieving its goal of entering the highly competitive public sector market and help EmergeAdapt on its journey to become a global provider of business solutions.

CaseBlocks makes it possible for non-technical staff to be directly involved in the creation of custom process automation solutions. This helps keep setup and maintenance costs low, while improving the speed at which internal systems can react to business change. CaseBlocks can be deployed in and across back-office departments, targeting benefits in operational efficiency and internal collaboration.

The G-Cloud 7 Framework provides a portal to make it quicker and easier for public sector bodies such as Registers of Scotland, Skills Development Scotland, the Home Office or the DVLA to procure cloud services from vendors and services providers. To date, G-Cloud sales have exceeded £850M, 50% of which has been awarded to SMEs (Digital Marketplace, 2015). The framework has proven to be particularly beneficial for SMEs as it opens up opportunities for them to engage with public sector bodies and compete with larger companies who traditionally operate in this market.

For more information about CaseBlocks on G-Cloud 7 then please visit the Digital Marketplace.