Order Management

Manage all your products, customers and orders in one place

Order Management - Caseblocks

Adapt as you grow

Get started with Caseblocks order management system and customize as you go.

With out of the box capability, Caseblocks comes with everything you need to start processing orders and can be customized to fit your end to end order and fulfillment processes.
From simple order flows to complex integrated fulfilment, Caseblocks can help. Making you more efficient today and better prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

Order Management System- Caseblocks

Simplify your multichannel order management

Say goodbye to jumping between systems and start synchronizing all your orders in Caseblocks, helping you save time and minimize errors.

  • Order Management - Apps

    Manage orders in real time by integrating to your websites, apps and online marketplaces.

  • Order Management - Caseblocks

    Never miss an order and stick to service levels with automated behavior to escalate cases.

  • Order Management - Caseblocks

    Create workflows, teams and integration triggers around your operations to automate routine and ad hoc processes.

Order Management - Caseblocks

Better serve your customers

Form stronger relationships and increase customer loyalty .

Provide better customer service and improve response times with access to everything you need in one place.
Seeing all customer information in one place will make sure you can set and manage commitments to your customers.

Book a demo and see the benefits of Caseblocks for yourself.

Effortless order management

Automate important steps in your order process from initial capture and credit checks through to fulfilment, invoicing and upstream supply chain. Freeing up your team to focus on handling exceptions and delighting your customers.

Integrate your supply chain

Keep track of stock and automatically reorder from preferred 1st and 2nd tier suppliers when levels run low.

Reduce manual effort

Automate repeatable tasks like creating invoices, helping to reduce errors and freeing up your team to focus on value added activities.

Protect against fraud

Generate custom risk scores for every order you receive and flag high scores for investigation before processing.

Keep customers in the loop

Increase satisfaction by keeping customers informed through automated update emails.

Reduce your time to market

Master your product catalog in Caseblocks or integrate your own. Either way, launching new lines is easy.

Give Marketing the ability to create new products, edit descriptions and update pricing, with changes immediately reflected across all your integrated order capture sites.
Easily manage sales bundles and implement substitution and upselling processes by integrating inventory with your catalogue. Giving you a better view of stock availability and the ability to optimize your internal and external supply chains to better serve customer demand.

Order Management - Caseblocks

Order Management Features

  • Order Status

    Create order states to reflect your internal process and help you identify the status of an order at any point in time

  • Risk Scoring

    Risk scoring rules flag orders with high scores to be checked by your team and help minimize fraud

  • Service Levels

    Receive alerts when orders aren’t being processed within desired timescales and take action by escalating to your customer management team

  • Product Catalog

    Create a product catalog which can be shared with your e-commerce sites and other order capture systems

  • Workflow

    Create custom workflows which make sense to your operations, reflect team structure and embed your business rules at each stage

  • Single Customer View

    Pull everything you know about a customer together in one place. From contact details and order history to previous conversations

  • Reporting

    Create custom reports written against the Caseblocks API or export data into your reporting database to analyze offline

  • Alerts

    Automatically trigger alerts to notify users and customers of activity within the system such as when an order's status changes


    Connect your website, custom portals and other online stores using the API to receive orders in Caseblocks

Plus all the features of the Caseblocks Platform

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