Claims Management

Go paperless and manage all your claims in the cloud with Caseblocks Claims Management software.

Claims Management Software

Optimize your end-to-end claims processing

Streamline claims management processes for a more efficient and responsive customer experience.

Getting baseline claims process automation right is just the first step. Caseblocks case management software gives you the power to remove redundancy and bottlenecks while automating routine work and improving exception handling, letting you focus on your customers and settling claims.

Claims management
Claims Management

Custom solutions for modern claims processing

Don't sacrifice the way you work to fit a rigid system, customize Caseblocks to fit your needs and handle claims your way.

With a variety of standard claims templates available to get you started, you’ll be processing claims in Caseblocks in no time. Quickly make changes and tailor templates fit your needs, giving you the power rapidly evolve your claims process.

Create your own templates for any claims scenario, helping your operations teams create innovative ways of working, handle new opportunities and comply with market regulation.

Claim Templates


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Buildings Insurance


Car Insurance


Health Insurance


Life Insurance


Personal Injury Claims

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Shorten the lifecycle of a claim through automation

Settle claims faster by automating your claims management process from initial notice through to settlement, helping reduce costs and freeing up your team to focus on customer satisfaction.

Generate Documents

Automatically create standard documents and letters based on variable claim and customer data.

Combat Fraud

Reduce fraud with red flags and custom risk scoring to alert on suspicious claims.

Meet Service Levels and KPIs

Limit regulator or service penalties by escalating claims which fall out of agreed service levels.

Keep Customers in the Loop

Reduce inbound customer contacts with reminders and proactive updates as claims progress.

Keep track of important conversations

Manage all email correspondence with your customers and supply chain.

The Comms Room helps you stay on top of inbound email with automated routing for ongoing correspondence, and the ability to create new claims directly from first notice emails, ready for handling.
Automatically store a record of all emails against the timeline of the appropriate claim, customer or service provider. Enabling claim handlers to quickly get up to speed on a case and ensuring you never lose an email again.

adaptive case management
business process management software

Make more informed decisions

Integrate Caseblocks with your existing systems for faster and fairer settlement decisions.

Integrate Caseblocks with your existing systems and achieve greater levels of process efficiency and improved data quality, enabling claim handlers settle more claims and make better decisions with access to real time data.

It’s never been easier to connect Caseblocks with your existing CRM, Rating, Underwriting and Policy Admin systems, whether they’re in the cloud or behind a firewall, using modern techniques centered around REST, JSON and Webhooks.

Key Capabilities

  • Claim Status

    Adapt claim status to reflect your process.

  • Timeline

    Keep a record of all activity carried out on a claim, enabling full reporting on activity and the ability to audit.

  • Buckets

    Filter claims into manageable work queues and share with internal and external teams.

  • Reporting

    Access standard reports on claim flow or create your own.

  • Document Storage

    Store important documents such as policies, letters or photos against a claim

  • Document Templates

    Automatically create important documents injected with claim data

  • Permissions

    Control internal and external access across your supply chain to claim data

  • Bulk Processing

    Schedule regular housekeeping tasks for treated claims in bulk, such as daily archiving or data processing

  • Work Allocation

    Assign claims to teams for processing and prioritize workload

  • Single Customer View

    Bring together all customer policy and clam data in a single view to enable quick decisions

  • Service Levels

    Escalate claims for expedited handling when they aren’t processed by required deadlines


    Manage claims from multiple channels by integrating to your website and mobile apps

  • Email Templates

    Create HTML email templates and send automated emails with claim updates

  • Comms Room

    Route inbounds emails to the relevant claim or create new claims directly from first notice emails

  • Tasks

    Ensure claims are processed efficiently and correctly with task lists

Plus all the benfits and features of the Caseblocks Platform

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