National Tyres and Autocare needed an E-commerce solution for sales order processing and exception management.

After deciding to sunset 4 e-commerce websites and 2 order management applications which had been built internally over 10 years, National Tyres and Autocare (NTS) needed new e-commerce technology to improve straight-through processing, from new order capture sites through to back office process automation. The brands supported include National Tyres, Tyre Shopper, Viking Tyres and a white labelled service for the Automobile Association.

The perfect single solution for managing our Customer Service

Lesley Dalziel, Group Finance Director at National Tyres & Autocare


Key to the solution was close integration with the internal ERP system written in Dataflex, which controls goods received, stock management in warehouses and fitting jobs in fast fit centres.

We were given the challenge of rebuilding 4 order capture e-commerce websites, migrating content to a new Content Management System (CMS) whilst creating a new product catalogue and integrating Caseblocks as the sales order management system – all within 12 months.


The new e-commerce order capture websites were designed and built with Ruby on Rails, integrated to Experian and Worldpay on the consumer side and serving content from the CMS, Expression Engine. Each site was integrated with the Caseblocks REST API, sending in orders for processing.

Consumer and business orders were configured as separate Caseblocks templates so that specific processing could be applied depending on the type of order. For example, Consumer orders pass through a risk assessment before the tyres are fitted to reduce fraud, whereas business orders are processed based on credit limits agreed by the NTS account teams.


The initial solution was rolled out in 12 months, with a continued rollout over the following 6 months, adding enhanced capability around automated stock reordering, tyre guarantee claims, goodwill gestures, refunds, price promises and substitution selling.


Over 1,500 orders are processed daily, with an average exception rate of 2%, where NTS staff handle issues relating to stock, fitting schedules and in the case of consumer orders, investigating high-risk orders.

Within each order timeline, Caseblocks shows all activities that have been carried out on an order, allowing staff to quickly understand order history when following up on exceptions. This has helped reduce errors rates, such as unnecessary customer contacts, where the previous systems forced staff to ‘dig around’ inside each order to work out what had happened and what to do next.

Providing a single customer view has helped NTS build up a picture of each customer, understanding returning customers and lifetime value, with that information made available to marketing when creating new targeted campaigns.

Operating in a price-sensitive market, NTS pricing teams are able to manipulate price lists in Excel, then upload new prices for all tyres immediately to the e-commerce sites. This allows NTS to respond daily to the competition and when putting out new offers.

Caseblocks buckets have allowed NTS to segment work more easily. For instance, all orders with a high-risk score are placed into a dedicated bucket, and the same for orders with stock issues, incomplete data, and refunds. These buckets are shared with different teams, which means that staff can focus on work which is relevant to them and avoid distractions.