Cyber adAPT required a solution to manage its customer on-boarding, lifecycle, on-going sales and customer support processes.

Cyber adAPT is a US-based provider of malicious threat detection technology and required a solution to manage the complex process of onboarding new customers onto its platform and manage the post-sale installation and customer support for its products.

One of the main reasons Cyber adAPT chose Caseblocks was because its simplicity which allows users to easily create and rapidly update custom process automation solutions whenever they need them, making it easier for them to adapt to change, launch new products and take advantage of new opportunities.

Caseblocks reflects the unique nature of our business and can adapt easily to new requirements.

Jason Lundy, Senior Vice President of Strategic Operations at Cyber adAPT


Pipedrive has been integrated to Caseblocks so that whenever a deal is marked as complete, the information is automatically transferred to Caseblocks and a case is created for the sale. Through configurable process templates, Cyber adAPT’s activity is guided through a new customer installation process and governed through service levels. Mobile access is provided for staff to provide approvals at various stages of the onboarding process while on the go and checklists within ensure that no steps are missed during installation.

After an installation, the team use Caseblocks to drive and report on customer support issues, with access to systems guides, document templates and other supporting documentation for its products and services.


The solution provides full tracking of all installation and support activities, and through service levels, makes sure Cyber adAPT responds to sales and support activity in a consistent and measurable way.

By direct integration with Cyber adAPT’s other systems, end-users have quick access to customer information such as the products they have installed and a record of their contact history.

During adoption, Cyber adAPT took on some of the customisation activities to themselves to keep the on-going cost of change low and increase its speed of change.